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This guide will show you the easiest way to create a custom item and add it to your inventory by using a console command runscript aa_give_item.

There are people who say that using the default 'singleplayer' module is a source for future problems so we'll be using our own module.

Things needed

1. Dragon age origins game.
2. Access to the console in-game (Instructions on accessing console).
3. Dragon age origins Toolset.
4. Ability to follow instructions.

Creating a new module

Arrowblue.png - Module
- Module#Creating a new module
1. Open the toolset and click on File -> Manage Modules.
2. Click New.
3. Enter 'my_module' in Name and UID fields, ignore the rest. Click OK.
4. Double-click 'my_module' that was added to the list.

Creating an item

Arrowblue.png - Designer Resources#Creating new resources
- Item
- Module#Exporting a module
1. On the palette window select items (the sword icon).
2. Choose an item under global.
3. Right click on the item and select Duplicate.
4. A window will popup, ignore all fields except resource name.
5. Name your item in the resource name field (only letters, numbers and '_').
6. In the main tab you will see your item, modify it to your liking. Editing the item's additional effects is in 'Item properties'.
7. Once finished: click Tools -> save.
8. look above at the tab's title, it should be custom_resource_name.uti (with your selected name).
9. Right click on it again and select Export -> Export without dependent resources.

Creating a script to summon your item

Arrowblue.png - Script
1. Click on File -> new -> Script.
2. A window will popup, ignore all fields except resource name.
3. Enter a custom name, aa_give_item (only letters, numbers and '_'), click Ok.
4. Copy the following to the blank script window:
void main()
  CreateItemOnObject(R"Item file.uti", OBJECT_SELF, 1, "", TRUE);
5. Replace Item file.uti with your custom_resource_name.uti (the title on your item's tab).
6. Click File -> save (saving automatically compiles the script).

Note: If you make more than one item you can duplicate the script line for each item with it's file name. No need for a script for every item.

Last Steps

1. Goto folder: [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\my_module\core\override\toolsetexport\.
2. look for the custom_resource_name.uti file.
3. Goto folder: [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\my_module\module\override\toolsetexport\.
4. look for two files named aa_give_item, of types nss and ncs.
5. Move the uti and ncs to [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\.
6. Delete the nss file.
7. Load a saved game and enter a console command runscript aa_give_item (Instructions on accessing console).
8. Your custom item should be in your inventory.

Note: You may find that PRCSCR is a better approach (depending on your requirements).