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This guide will show you how to make resources from the Dragon Age: Origins expansion and some DLC available in the toolset so you can use them in your own mods.

Before you start

In order to complete this tutorial you will need:

  1. Dragon Age: Origins game
  2. Dragon Age: Origins Toolset
  3. Dragon Age: Origins The Stone Prisoner DLC; Warden's Keep DLC; and/or Awakening expansion

DLC resources

  1. Close the toolset
  2. Open [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\
  3. Open either:
    1. dao_prc_cp_2 i.e. The Stone Prisoner
    2. dao_prc_nrx_1 i.e. Warden's Keep
  4. Within your chosen folder, navigate to the \core\env\ sub-folder
  5. Copy everything in the env sub-folder to [Program Files]\Dragon Age\packages\core\env\
  6. Open the toolset
  7. Open or create an area and click on its Area Layout property: the area layouts from the DLC, for example gwb110d/shl100d, are listed

You can now include use these area layouts to create areas in your own mods.

Awakening resources

  1. Close the toolset
  2. Open [My Documents]\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\
  3. Create a sub-folder and name it _awakening (or similar)
  4. Open [Program Files]\Dragon Age\packages\core_ep1\data\
  5. Select and copy the following ERF archives:
    1. anims.erf
    2. designerplaceables.erf
    3. designerscripts.erf
    4. face.erf - optional, but it allows you to recreate characters from Awakening
    5. materialobjects.erf
    6. modelhierarchies.erf
    7. modelmeshdata.erf
    8. tints.erf
    9. resmetrics.erf
    10. textures.erf - preferably the high quality bundle (199MB) but either will do
  6. Paste the copied archives into your _awakening sub-folder
  7. Rename ALL of them with the a "_gxa" (or similar) suffix:
    1. anims_gxa.erf
    2. designerplaceables_gxa.erf
    3. designerscripts_gxa.erf
    4. etc.

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