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  • GFx file: itemexamine.gfx
  • ERF: guiexport.erf

This class is for an item's detailed description popup, accessed in-game through the "inspect" radial menu option. The ItemExamine class is only found in the GFX file itemexamine.gfx, contained in the ERF guiexport.erf.

Class Methods of Interest

Populates the item name and description in the inspection popup, among other sundry chores. The name header is set in plain text, while the description uses HTML. As no color argument is used for the the header's text, any attempt to color the item name is ultimately for nothing. If you use HTML font tags to color the item's name, it will be colored in other parts of the UI, but not here. There is also a length restriction to item names in the toolset, which may interfere with this approach. However, one can use <font color='#rrggbb'>text</font> to color item descriptions currently, where rrggbb refers to the chosen RGB value.





Referenced External Attributes

These strings are used by the ExternalCommands class for intercommunication between the engine and other GUI forms.