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  • GFx file: tooltips.gfx
  • ERF: guiexport.erf

This class is the point of origin for tooltips in the game's user interface. They come in many different forms, from the those that pop up when you hover over an inventory item, to the draggable spell and skill icons that you can drop onto the quickbar. The Tooltips class is only found in the GFX file tooltips.gfx, contained in the ERF guiexport.erf.

The other GUI files use the ExternalCommands class to send the tooltip text to this class through the game engine.

Class Methods of Interest

Called by the engine when the player drags on a movable tooltip; of note are the spell and skill icons that can be dropped onto the quickbar. This entry-point of updating the tooltip is special in that the update is not triggered by a change to an observed ExternalCommands attribute, but called externally instead.




The X coordinate at which the mouse drag started.
The Y coordinate at which the mouse drag started.


Referenced External Attributes

These strings are used by the ExternalCommands class for intercommunication between the engine and other GUI forms.

  • "DebugOptions.EnableController"
  • "DebugOptions.EnableDebugHelpers"
  • "GameModeController.CurrentGameMode"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID.IsCreature"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID.IsPlaceable"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID.PlaceableName"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID.PrimaryAction"
  • "GameModeExplore.PendingTargetID.SecondaryAction"
  • "GUI.DragData.DragAbortAttribute"
  • "GUI.DragData.DragImage"
  • "GUI.DragData.OnPickupCallback"
  • "GUI.QuickbarXMax"
  • "GUI.SelectedBookPage"
  • "InputMappings.Mappings.PerformPrimaryAction.PrimaryMappedKey"
  • "InputMappings.Mappings.PerformSecondaryAction.PrimaryMappedKey"
  • "GUITooltips.HostAnchor"
  • "GUITooltips.HostX"
  • "GUITooltips.HostY"
  • "GUITooltips.HostWidth"
  • "GUITooltips.HostHeight"
  • "GUITooltips.MaxTooltipWidth"
  • "GUITooltips.MinTooltipWidth"
  • "GUITooltips.TooltipAnchor"
  • "GUITooltips.TooltipCompare0"
  • "GUITooltips.TooltipCompare1"
  • "GUITooltips.TooltipText"
  • "GUITooltips.TooltipType"
  • "Scaleform.Platform"