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The ambient_anim_patterns 2da defines the ambient animation patterns which form part of the ambient behaviours for non-player characters and creatures.

The 2da is defined as an m2da in the M2DA_base 2da and has an ID of 170. It can be extended by m2da fragments which have names starting with ambient_anim_patterns. It can also be referenced in scripting using the TABLE_AMBIENT constant defined in 2da_constants_h.


Column Type Description
ID int A number that uniquely identifies the entry (unless creating an M2DA override). ID numbers are listed from smallest to highest within a given file but do not need to be consecutive.
Label string Human-friendly name for the pattern. A green background indicates a pattern that MUST be played in order.
NoPlayNext int Sets bPlayNext parameter used with CommandPlayAnimation function to FALSE.
ActionTotal int The total number of actions in the pattern.
Action0 float An action to be played at random or as part of a sequence. The format is Animation.Loops where Animation is a row ID in a ANIM_ 2da and loops is:
  • 00 - non-looping animation
  • 01-98 - specific number of loop
  • 99 - infinitely looping animation
Action1 float As above
Action2 float As above
Action3 float As above
Action4 float As above
Action5 float As above
Action6 float As above
Action7 float As above
Action8 float As above
Action9 float As above
Action10 float As above
Action11 float As above
Action12 float As above