Area editor options

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Area topics

The area editor options are accessible from the options menu.

Mouse Control Style Can be set to Windows Standard, NWN, or 3DSMax. See 3D control
Show orientation arrows This enables or disables the large white arrows that indicate the "forward" direction of objects placed in the area editor.
Default view angle
Navigation mode Object mode or camera mode
Pitch Maximum
Pitch Minimum
Scaling Zoom
Zoom Distance Maximum
Zoom Distance Minimum
Zoom Speed Fast
Zoom Speed Slow
Bounding Box active color
Bounding Box inactive color
Orientation arrow inner color
Orientation arrow outer color
Double Sided
Fade Geometry Cutaway
Fade Geometry Punch Through
Play Ambient Sounds
Render Mode Normal, AABB, or wire frame
Show Pathfinding Points
Show Sound Stats
Objects Follow Surface
Show Creatures
Show Merchants
Show Placeables
Show Sounds
Show Stages
Show Triggers
Show Waypoints
Snap Points
Node Color
Node Size
Selected Node Color
Sound Emitters
Sound Emitter Color
Sound Emitter Opacity
Audio Volume Fill Color
Music Volume Fill Color
Reverb Volume Fill Color
Trigger Fill Color


Using the following values for the "Trigger/Volume" options makes it easy to differentiate the volume types as each volume's colour in the area editor matches the colour of its icon in the object list and toolbar:

Audio volume icon.png Audio Volume Fill Color = 0.25,0.25,0.75
Music volume icon.png Music Volume Fill Color = 0.75,0.75,0.25
Reverb volume icon.png Reverb Volume Fill Color = 0.75,0.25,0.25
Trigger volume icon.png Trigger Fill Color = 0.25,0.75,0.25