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  • GFx file: tactics.gfx
  • ERF: guiexport.erf

This class is for the tactics UI.

Class Methods of Interest


Related Classes of Interest

  • ColorDefines - contains RGB properties used for coloring text in the tactics menu.
Colors used in the Tactics class:
TACTICS_TEXT_BEIGE - used only in the "Condition -> Action" text, although there is beige-looking text elsewhere in the UI.
TACTICS_TEXT_HOSTILE - used only in the "Condition -> Action" text for hostilities.
  • Tooltips - Descriptions for the behavior drop-down list.
  • BookBack - The book background, shared by many other UI files as a backdrop and to write pages of text on.

Referenced External Attributes

These strings are used by the ExternalCommands class for intercommunication between the engine and other GUI forms.