List of 2DA XLS files

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The XLS files listed here can be found under the Toolset's directory [Program Files]\Dragon Age\tools\Source\2DA\.

Bear in mind that 2DAs names are actually based on the names of the worksheets inside these Excel files, not the names of the files themselves. Some of these files contain a large number of individual 2DAs within them. They are bundled together into Excel files based on the nature of the 2DAs for convenience.

XLS files




Areas and plots

Extending the official campaign

  • PRCSCR.xls - "Post-Release Content Script" - specifies scripts to run when an area or area list is loaded or entered. (This file is not included with the game, but is a placeholder for any usermade one)

See also

  • 2da matrix for a complete list of all XLS workbooks and 2DA worksheets